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Contributing Projects to the Instructor Community

archanaa_sundrarajarchanaa_sundraraj Onshape Employees Posts: 4

This community wouldn’t work without passionate instructors who want to share their Onshape projects with others. To those who read this post and go on to share your projects, thank you! Here’s how it works:

Your project needs to be publicly shareable through some format. We love using the combination of Onshape Documents and Google Docs, and have created an example project for you to reference here.

You’ll notice we try to provide descriptive instructions with images wherever possible.

In order to make your project contribution easy to understand and access, consider including the following in your forum post as we do in our example here:

  1. A short introduction to your project

  2. A link to your project instructions

  3. A link to an Onshape Document with the project models

  4. A picture of the project’s end result

In addition to the example project, we’ve created a few other resources to help you structure your project:

  • Need help outlining step-by-step instructions of your project? Feel free to access this template and base your project off of it.

  • Want to make a project cover page? Here’s a template of a project cover page that you are welcome to use! This cover page could also double up as your forum post picture.

Happy posting and thank you for contributing to the Instructor Community!

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