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archanaa_sundrarajarchanaa_sundraraj Onshape Employees Posts: 4
edited September 2018 in Instructor Discussion

Hey everyone! My students really enjoyed doing this project in class. Enjoy!

Created by:
Jason Slingerland, Onshape

This project involves sheet metal parts, assemblies, and mounting standard components to your design.

Experience how to design, plan and assemble a project.

Grade Level:
10th Grade and up

Duration of project:
8 Hours

Onshape features used:
Sketch, Extrude, Sheet metal model, Move face, Hole, Fillet, Split

Link to project instructions: Access here!

Link to Onshape model of robot car: Click here


  1. I used  Move face features to get the sheet metal part to have nice round numbers.

  2. I used standard(ANSI) fasteners. Feel free to use the metric equivalent.

  3. Equivalent chassis can be 3D printed instead.

  4. Imported parts that you will probably need to replace with your own:

    1. Wheel

    2. Servo motor

    3. Arduino uno

    4. Low profile castor

  5. You will need either a motor shield or replace the servos with 5v DC motors to make the project move.

  6. Project can have an Ultrasonic rangefinder or a Joystick for more learning opportunities.

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