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Ball Mate limits...

andy_morris900andy_morris900 Member Posts: 8
edited June 2016 in Using Onshape
Hi Peeps,

I'm exploring some of the options given us regarding limiting the movement of parts in an assembly.

I can see that, for the planar mate for example, you can set up limits so that your parts behave like they are hitting stops. Given that we do not appear to be able to use the solids to provide those "stops" then limits within the mate is the only way to emulate this.

I've just been playing with a simple ball joint assembly and there does not appear to be a way of limiting the ball mate. Am I missing something? Is there no way at all of limiting the rotation of a ball in its socket?



Best Answer


  • andy_morris900andy_morris900 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for clarifying that. I suppose that it would be bad design practise to have a ball joint socket limiting any movement anyway. The right thing to do would be to limit movement elsewhere in the design and check for interference between the ball and socket arrangement.


  • viruviru Member, Developers Posts: 619 ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    @andy_morris900 , Currently user can specify movement limits of all mates except Ball, Fastened, and Tangent in Onshape. You can raise improvement request for this. In near future we hope that this facility will be provided by Onshape. Please give cylindrical mate to solve your requirement as suggested by @Narayan_K.

  • andy_morris900andy_morris900 Member Posts: 8
    Hi, Thanks for your replies  :)

    As soon as I apply a cylindrical constraint between the connecting rod and bush the connecting rod becomes frozen in place. I've had a look at the limits options and everything is set to no limit.

    I'll need to play some more.


  • tom_dilatushtom_dilatush Member Posts: 1
    I've just used a pair of revolute mates and a "ghost" part (hidden in the final assembly) to do what you're after.  Seems to work great!  Take a look at the document I've linked below to see how I did it.

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