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Scaling a drawing

Can you scale a drawing bigger or smaller? 


  • terry_pipkinterry_pipkin Member Posts: 43 PRO
    In a part studio you can use the transform feature to scale a model. in a drawing you can use properties to change the scale. 
  • jrs_spedleyjrs_spedley Member Posts: 70 ✭✭
    I've just come across this.  Usually when you put the first dimension on a drawing the whole drawing scales to keep everything looking the same but this time it didn't.  Fortunately I only spent 10 minutes drawing it but when I put a dimension on only the dimensioned line scales which ruins the drawing.  I'll just draw it again but dimension the first line for scale.
  • lanalana Onshape Employees Posts: 446
    It sounds like you are referring to Sketch behavior where first dimension set on a sketch without external constraints causes sketch to scale uniformly. 
    The change of behavior you've described is consistent with presence of constraints to geometry outside sketch (e.g. to origin). Please notice that if you are unhappy with the result of setting a sketch dimension you can undo to the previous state instead of deleting and rebuilding the sketch.
  • Ryan_AlmeidaRyan_Almeida Member Posts: 3 PRO
    edited December 2018
    I just ran into this myself.  I needed to scale a logo to be embossed/debossed on parts and wanted an easy scalable sketch.  My work around was a little bit of upfront work but now works robustly.

    1. Create a variable "Scale_Factor" and set it to 1.  
    2 (If needed)). Import JPEG of logo image
    3. Create a dimension-ed sketch of the image. Make sure it is fully controlled (all black, no blue) 
    4. Edit each dimension to be "value"*Scale_Factor
    4a.  Test by changing the variable to new value.  If it doesn't scale properly, change the "Scale_Factor" back to "1" and go back to your dimension-ed sketch and update the broken parts.
    5. Copy Sketch and paste where needed.  You will have to create the same variable name higher in the tree if moved to a new part studio or document.

    Hope this helps!
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