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Modeling on Android phone

jens_nielsen815jens_nielsen815 Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
Hi, I checked out this new feature and published some clips of my efforts. It's fun.https://youtu.be/r5Amr6nZ69E


  • steve_shubinsteve_shubin Member Posts: 802 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 31

    It’s great seeing other Onshape mobile users. I enjoyed watching your video

    The text below is with regards to speed in using the application

    In the GIF, instead of using the precision selector (crosshairs inside of circle) to dimension, instead of doing that, I TAPPED on a LINE to dimension it

    Dimensioning by tapping, took a little over a minute to create the sketch

    The precision selector is good for when there are a lot of elements close together. But if the lines are far enough apart, or if you’re zoomed in enough, tapping is faster.

    Tapping is the most direct and fastest way to select something. On the other hand, the precision selector requires you to briefly hold your finger down in one place till the crosshairs pop up, and then you have to slide over to what it is you want to select

    Also, for dimensioning, It’s more likely that I would be selecting a line rather than points. In fact in the case of this sketch, I only tapped on lines to do the dimensioning. And I prefer to select lines when dimensioning, because they give you more leeway, in that it’s easier to hit the larger target of a line, then it is to hit the smaller target of a point, when rapidly moving across the interface.

    Also, using points to dimension a line, requires the selection of TWO different items —that being each endpoint of that line. And these two items both have that smaller target. On the other hand, using a line for dimensioning only requires the single selection of the line, with its larger target. Again — faster and much easier to select a single larger target, rather then two smaller targets, which can be important if you need to create sketches posthaste

    By the way, the GIF is jerky, because the app I use to create GIFs, will only show 10 frames per second on longer videos such as this one. So there’s a lot of dropped frames when a video is converted to GIF. Hence the jerkiness of the GIF

    In ‘hands on’ use of the Onshape Mobile app itself, well the app is as smooth and fluid as the desktop app.

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