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alnis_smidchens EDU


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  • frank_otuo_mensah
    Hi Alnis,

    Hope you are well.

    I have been trying to follow your sketch and I am struggling, on Sketch 4, I know you've used the right plane, but i just wanted to know if you offset this right plane by an angle or its just the sketch at 80 degrees??

    Also, I really like the sketch Mate Connector but I keep getting lost... after sketch 2, did you make another similar sketch on the top plane and you used the Mate connector to join them?? Anyways you could explain will be so much appreciated.

     Kind Regards
    September 2
    • alnis_smidchens
      Hi Frank!

      Sorry I didn't reply until now, I missed your message. I defined the sketch planes on the fly using implicit mate connectors. I defined each of the mate connectors using entities from the previous sketches to form a connected chain. I can't find a tutorial about this method on YouTube, so I think I'll make a tutorial for it soon.

      Sorry again for not replying in such a long time, and thanks for your patience!
  • alnis_smidchens
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    September 2
  • alnis_smidchens
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    August 22
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    August 13

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