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  • OMG I just helped my son with a Creo project.  I could not believe how cumbersome every little thing is.  Not intuitive.  Horrific experience.
  • Pete Yodis set up a "ticket" for me on this very same thing.  Not sure if that means it is an official feature request somewhere that people can vote up?
  • Is there an existing improvement request for "replacing a part referenced in a drawing view"?  I'm embarrassed to ask because I might already have voted on it and can't remember like so many other things these days!
  • Pete Yodis at Onshape opened a "bug" on this very topic for me--defaulting to common thread pitch vs diameter.  Exact same issue for me--each time a new fastener diameter is selected for the first time, it will default to the finest pitch in their l…
  • Thanks all for keeping this dialog going.  I think it is important to sort out.  I trust Onshape feels the same and will implement a rock-sold solution as they have obviously proven capable of that.  I feel like I have not much more to offer or sa…
  • Bill_Martin said: @pmd ........ Currently it seems Onshape provides only global control of the method of handling Release Process through the account settings.  Within a particular company, if there is to be a mix of casually handled drawings a…
  • @pmd How would you handle this special property for Title blocks?  Seems the one Rev level property is good enough provided Onshape actively manages it.  If the drawing is modified after a rev level has been Released it must have the revision mark…
  • Sorry, but I am digging my heels in on this one.  There is NO WAY two drawings with DIFFERENT CONTENT, however minor, should co-exist with the same Rev level.  EVER.  Anything else is a band-aid.
  • If you use Onshape to its fullest and share documents instead of print and distribute them, the average recipient is not going to dive into the History to find a drawing at the moment of release/versioning.  The average person is going to act on the…
  • Lou, I do not want to engage in trying to decipher metadata, linking, workspaces, etc.  In my opinion, what needs to be put in place is an unbreakable method whereby a drawing that has a certain revision level attached and has been Released(in any m…
  • Rachel, I consider Release Managment broken and unacceptable until this if fixed.  If you feel the same, please share this feeling by contacting your Onshape Customer Success Manager(company accounts I think) directly and/or put in a "feedback" requ…
  • Sorry, missed the mark this time.  Lame.
  • Thanks both.  I did not mean to imply this is something important that needs work.  More of a question on how much "potential" there is left from the perspective of the modern browsers that support lots of things other than Onshape and a "stripped d…
  • I have seen this now in one of my projects.  I agree, having to bump up a Revision with no actual changes is confusing at best.  In my case, I did an inial Rev A release of a set of drawings with four of the parts that need to be manufactured in a m…
  • The watermark is something I put in as a feature request with a copy to our company's designated contact.  I consider this not a feature but a genuine issue.  At the very least, the drawing as it exists in the workspace can no longer have Rev Level …
  • raj_Onshape said: Right now the state property in a workspace is always "in progress" and can only be changed in versions. If you are using Onshape default workflows you can only change them through our release process. * Is your expectation …
  • I gave it a try. Meh...seems like more of a workaround than the simple and intuitive features everyone has grown accustom to from File Explorer and Excel add/remove columns and sort up and down makes more sense to me.
  • Thanks, I'll try that.
  • I tried again this morning and noticed that the "+" mouse pointer has to be visually below the horizontal lines and to the right of the vertical lines to wake them up.  Google seems to allow pointing directly on the line.  So, I guess its more of a …

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