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  • I found it easiest to drag the centre off the origing and then put it back again. I still think it strange and far from intuitive.
  • Use moments. If the mass is M, the bearing centres are L apart, and the centre of mass is X from the big end, then the weight at the little end is MgX/L and at the big end Mg(L-X)/L.
  • Could we please have an explanation of why we can no-longer attach licence terms to public documents? I have several to which I have applied the Creative Commons attribution non-commercial share alike (cc-by-nc-sa). I understand that the conditions …
  • I have come across this too, when trying to model threads. A lot of thread forms have a profile that has a width equal to the helical pitch by definition because there are crest and root radii. IMHO, not being able to sweep these cases constitutes a…
  • I did an improvement request at: https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/4754/custom-threads#latest which is not far from what you want, perhaps you would like to add a vote there?
  • Variable radius fillet is great, and something I have been looking forward to for a long time, but unfortunately it does not do quite what I hoped for. Part 2, on the right, was built to approximate to the desired effect, in which the fillet radius…
  • Z-axis rotation seems so much easier to control. Perhaps it should be the default?
  • Thanks for looking. As I suspected, it seems there is no straightforward way to model it accuartely. (Yet?) I did get a fillet in a later version. 
  • This is the file: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/a13ef6de211f44ecb769c8db/w/e46e669d4f29414c8dfc1dc0/e/e9c10e5fb43d4504b2536aa0

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