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  • The copy and paste sketch work good. This is a very important feature for me.
  • Kevin, You really need a product knowledge product that does not exist in today's world. I have tried several different methods and even looked at building such a product between 1997 and 2002. Currently I'm investigating using a graph database as…
  • I hope there is a standard parts library that you can subscribe to so when you build assemblies to share everyone is using the same part. As a early SolidWorks user the ability to share assemblies with fasteners or other common parts became a joke.…
  • I don't see solid models as the best way to provide information for end user manuals. I don't think having a display in the weld shop is an option. Someone will blow air arc spatter or direct a hand grinder on it and destroy it. We have enough prob…
  • When we design things we assign part numbers. Every part or assembly needs an unique identifier so it can be manufactured or purchased and can be stored and found. If you build products with a long operating life replacement parts are required to be…
  • @Chris How many parts are in this assembly? @bill How many parts are in the SW1998 assembly?
  • Since the bearing is only an electronic representation of the purchased bearing I recommend you position the mates to reflect the correct assembled length and concentric. This way you will know if the assembly has the correct spacing and adjustment …
  • I agree springs have to be modeled correctly and in some cases so do threads. We have several products with tapered threads, variable pitch threads and springs. Springs need to have different configurations for installed length and fully compressed …
  • I need drawings to make user manuals. Many of the items I design and build have a 20+ year life. These products will have several owners and the parts and service manuals get lost so new are needed. Currently we are working on posting them as PDF f…
  • Usually helix threads burn resources so I have always used a revolve for threads in SolidWorks and have never had a problem in manuals with people not knowing a threaded fastener. For large assemblies 1,000 + parts I have a configuration with the th…
  • Nothing shows. I'm using Widows 8.1 Pro and Chrome
  • I have found using revisions a good way to make mistakes. Doing a file save as and giving the assembly and changed parts a new part number the best way to deal with change 10 years later. When a customer calls for a part he will not know what rev nu…
  • I agree the plane visualization is very poor. I have to be able to not only measure to planes but also constrain sketch elements to the plane. I have submitted these as improvements.

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