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  • Thanks Neil. This is a useful little animation you've added. It's frustrating that it's not possible to do this in one spline as I need to create something which is effectively a wavy pattern over a non-symmetrical surface (hence I can't actually pa…
  • Thanks Owen and Bruce. That certainly gets me started!
  • Thanks guys. I'm still a bit confused. I'm inserting a dxf into a sketch within a part (not an assembly) so that I can use the geometry calculated elsewhere. But I need to constrain that imported drawing accurately. I can see the transform option bu…
  • I mean a 2-d technical drawing from which I need to create DXF file to send to a colleague rather than a sketch within a part. I can't, sadly post a public doc as it's confidential... Annoying as it is...
  • It has shifted, actually, to the centre of the PCB where the model origin is. Hmmm. Should I insert / move the origin to the datum-point required? Is it not possible simply to dimension off a different point/line other than the origin? Surely it is!
  • Thanks Mahir and Ilya. Right now, cylindrical and spherical co-ordinates might be a bit beyond me. I'll have to look into that when we don't have clients breathing down our necks! Ilya, you suggested using parametric equations preferably over y=f(x)…
  • Hi Paul and Ilya, Thanks for all the support. This is great and exactly what I'm after. Paul, sorry for misunderstanding your original post. When I see script like that I get worried! Edward
  • Thanks Ilya - I see it's your handiwork! One question - if I simply want to define x as a function of y, do I still have to use the independent parameter? Also, as I only want a 2d curve, I presume I simply make z=0mm (to draw on the top plane).
  • Hi Paul, thanks for the link. Hmmm. Right now I don't think I'm quite up to that. What I was hoping for is something like in SolidWorks whereby you can simply express y as a function of x and then specify a size range etc. Then, hey presto, you get …

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