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  • @bruce_williams I appreciate your enthusiasm but I will instead have to direct it to @ilya_baran and @Anton_Bovin  as they did they did the real hard work
  • The red lines indicate the edges that are preventing the shell feature from solving. If you can make your document public and reply with the url someone from the community may be able to take a look and help!
  • Gary, try creating a sketch down the center of the curved slot. You will also need a sketch with a sketch point located at the center axis of the cylinder. Insert these into the assembly and use the group to constrain the sketches to their respectiv…
  • It may help to see the results from the perfromance check. Your computer's graphics card is important for good performance and in this case it may not be able to handle your computer's screen and the monitor.
  • @owen_sparks That was sort of the intent for this feature but keep in mind a broken edge may still prevent the fill from solving. If you have an import that could be made public (or shared with me) I would love to take a try at it !
  • @Nuno Ahh okay. I have a ticket open currently on a crash triggered by some other unknown source.
  • @Nuno When will this be pushed for macOS? I am also having 3DxNLServer crashes on my Macbook with 10.6.1.
  • Awesome feature! I have some user experience suggestions: 1. Perhaps consider changing the default input for Material thickness boxes. In my own use cases most material I use is 1/4 or 1/2" inch so a default material thickness of 1 inch is a bit la…
  • @3dcad @owen_sparks We unfortunately (or fortunately?) have little to do with the 3DConnexion integration. Please reach out to their support to diagnose the issues: https://www.3dconnexion.com/service/technical-support/support-formular.html
  • @3dcad That is very likely to be a phishing email but if it were true you can fill out our contact form https://www.onshape.com/contact and we will get back to you right away. We have some very robust tools to ensure the integrity of our customer's…
  • 3dcad said: ...I would like to use stronger security measure like two-factor auth... We do allow users to setup two factor authentication (2FA) in My account > Security. Next time users sign in they have the option to save the de…
  • @michael_corsetto Please update your 3DConnexion device drivers to the latest version and functionality returns to what you expected.
  • Currently spline control handles can only be placed at the start and end points.
  • Welcome to the forum @alex_dri ! I took a look at your document and found a couple of issues. As you can see in the screenshot below, the guide curves did not intersect the profiles: Next, the guides had to be split in two using a Split tool …
  • @todd_sharkey Nonsense! Design can be daunting when looking from afar but you simply have to break a mechanical assembly down to its basic parts. Often a mechanical part is just a bunch of squares, circles, etc. You could start with modeling the wh…
  • adrian_velazquez said: ...I saw this coming since the beginning with the idea of a Document being the container for multiple Items (Elements)... How would you imagine a different organizational approach to this? To give a normal file bas…
  • Yes!
    in 2D Drawing Comment by TimRice February 5
  • Thanks @Evan_Reese ! Evan_Reese said: ...One criticism I have before even starting is that a mate connector is required, and to create one, you need to already have an "owner part"... Yes unfortunately I think this is the best workf…
  • Alexei_Pittowicz said: ...The two panes (left and right) do not quite line up (maybe just my Chromebook).  So by the time you get to the bottom of the list, the misalignment causes confusion as to which part you might be editing/releasing... …
  • @steve_cohen Yes you could use the plane of a mate connector.
  • konstantin_shiriazdanov said: are you using polylines instead of splines because of the self intersecting trajectories? by the way you may find useful my Curve generator script I use both. The FS first tries splines and if they inter…
  • Not really a direct answer to your question...but you could create a simplified representation of the conveyor. If you only need the mounting points to be exact you could trace them from the STL and then connect the mounting points with a dummy soli…
  • adrian_velazquez said: ...I think it's still early enough for Onshape were we (us Release Management users/CUSTOMERS), could help shape the product... YES! This has been a very insightful discussion so please keep it going!
    in Always WIP Comment by TimRice January 29
  • If all of the parts are modeled in one part studio you could use a Boolean feature to use the other rafters to subtract volume from the hip rafter. Feel free to share the document url here and ensure the document is Public and we can take a look.
  • Chris, if you haven't already, please submit a ticket on these docs so we can take a closer look. Cris_Bowers said: ...Onshape really suffers with many of the DXFs I have to import and use for geometry...
  • Adrian, every company is going to have a different workflow for creating parts. We would love to hear your specific workflow and see if we can create/attach any improvement requests and also to build more use cases. Perhaps a picture or detailed ste…
    in Always WIP Comment by TimRice January 24
  • @andrew_kleinert Yes best practice is to use mates to properly constrain parts rather than a fix. Mating to the origin is a good way of locking down parts.
  • While we do not have a built in visual thread feature, several users on the forums have created custom FeatureScripts that perfrom this functionality. Here is one excellent example: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6b640a407d78066bd5e41c7a/w/46938…
  • For this kind of workflow you may want to use an incontext part studio. To learn more please see the video:  Create Part Studio in Context

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