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  • I didn't know that. That would have made finding my error way easier. Thanks Lana.
  • I'm going to chalk it up to myfault. I've fixed it, but a couple of things I now remember being there, although not (as I remember) being something I was out to adjust. I must have done it, as it was real late and I was getting sleepy. But ya know, …
  • billy2 said: I believe I would change to "new" from "add" If I did that then I would have 2 pieces to print and they wouldn't be all the same piece of plastic. I'd have to glue that block to the base. Wouldn't I???
  • Neil, does that spur gear apply to a ball chain gear, like this? The thing that those 2 chain ends attach to isn't another gear, it is the cords for the slats in a set of blinds. I have no real gear ratio to match in my case - I just need push-pul…
  • Thanks Kon, I guess that explains it.  I'm also drawing the gear that fits over the shaft so not only do I need to shorten it, I also need to add a flat to it. Probably easiest to shorten the shaft to zero then add my own shaft with a flat back to i…
  • Finished that sprocket and the chain fits perfectly. Try doing that with Tinkercad! (Which I actually did but it doesn't look nearly as nice.)
  • Thanks Jake. Your mod to my drawing was very helpful. I had been there before but I expected to see the entire object selected rather than just it's pieces. Had I just moved farther along it would have materialized right in front of me. 
  • I'm making progress! And another thank-you to you folks who offered their help. It seems I'm not getting full access to my 3D printer now that my wife has discovered I can print out her miniatures. I just printed my 2nd thing drawn with OnShape. Can…
  • I agree on the name. Usually I try to be descriptive in a forum title but let it slip this time. I don't see a way to change it now... is there?
  • Right after I clicked Post I realized what you meant. In my case, out of position was where I drew the handles on the top plane, where it should have been in its final position on the plane that I created at the top of the bowl. Is my thinking corre…
  • Here's a link to my bowl (I think): https://cad.onshape.com/documents/b9791ea66f9420d5ac4b2fb1/w/32a1bfaffc4736f8f8aad3f1/e/9c1a01984479d5075d82353c John, I appreciate your comments and advice. I'm not too clear on what you meant about out of posit…
  • Thank you, 3dcad. The basic thing I was missing (and had not got to yet in the tutorials) was planes. I created a plane at the top of the bowl then sketched the handle there, then extruded (with ADD) it down to the proper thickness. Then I added the…

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