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  • I get it, working with wireframe, constructing surfaces, then enclosing to make a solid. What are you making? What is this thing?
  • Here's another way, https://cad.onshape.com/documents/7bca6329d1065398cccf45d6/w/267c572473b967c7d8fb05be/e/1e0594d38604f3ef094647df There's a million ways to build this and best way is to keep on trying. I tend not to project curves and sketche…
  • @famadorian  you're quite the surfacing dude. I've got $5 buck on "you'll succeed". Please keep posting progress.
  • There it is, you can have pdf's also. @dmitry_golovkin where would you like them?
  • It was positioned on the origin because  the geometry made it so. The assignment was made by dragging. Seems like a dialog box with some help would be beneficial but all sketch actions need to be learned. Mirror requires a pre-select of a mirroring …
  • Thanks for the update @joe_dunne. If you're learning organic shapes, Phi is a definite thing to explore. it's different and very easy to learn.
  • Like @joe_dunne says, there's currently 2 camps in the world of surfaces: classical & sub-divisional. Classical, which I do, means the old way, we build with curves and loft surfaces. Sub divisional, is the new way, means you tug and pull on a …
  • Maybe this might help. Below is the anatomy of a 3 corner blend from Pro/E that helps identify the composition of a b-rep. I hope this is what this thread is about. The composition strategy for forming complex b-reps. Above I would classify the c…
  • Easy, firstly this is a surfacing problem, second identify your main patches, third figure out your transitions between patches. Just throwing this out there. 1. you have a good definition on one of the surfaces. 2. work on the others without rega…
  • Not sure I'm following, can you update a configuration?
  • @mbartlett21 nice! I've been looking for thins and you've brought them to onshape. It's in my tool bar.
  • I just realized I've hi-jacked this thread and turned it into a curve discussion, sorry. Bridge curves will pickup the mid point of an existing curve. 3D curve (3d fit spline) will not: So, one of the reason's I liked Ilya's 3D spline feature scr…
  • Sorry, you can't update a drawing template like bruce says.  Did vote up the enhancement request saying I wanted this.
  • @owen_sparks I think all engineers need to release and continue. Engineers continuing never seems to be a problem. Getting them to release, that's the issue. We did in older system circa pdmworks:  development . 1, 2, 3, 4..... release A developmen…
  • @EricGauthier thanks for the explanation. I like what you're doing. But..... Will you please explain your over all structure. Where's your top. I suspect a project lies in a folder and your documents are light not much in them. I think your structu…
  • I do a lot with meshes and feel the only way is to convert to real geometry before using. Mesh data size is huge and you want it out of your data structure quickly. There's no datums, there's no design intent and for me it's not that accurate. It's …
  • @michael_mcclain you're spot on. One thing that becomes obvious, and it's true about any project, the management is so important.  I would like to participate if one was put together.  @philip_thomas where are you? he's probably buried teaching…
  • pick the circle pattern center, then pick something else, then hit the "i" key. This takes the circle pattern's axis and locks it to what ever. Also, this is now the radius of the pattern. I agree, it's not obvious how it works, but it does work. …
  • This was a very early try at collaboration  that never went any where. I believe there were so many other new things to explore that people lost attention to this thread. There's another collaborative motorcycle project that started and then faded. …
  • @Eric_Gauthier do you think your schema would work if you switched it to release management? I'm liking @Stefan_DMS approach separating release from versions.  I'm thinking versions should be left as an engineering thing never seen by manufacturing…
  • It's hard to get use to the idea of version, version, version, version, version, version, version, version. But it's not that bad when you realize they're just time markers in history.  It bugged me too in the beginning, but now I just don't care.
  • Simply, I'd start like mbarlett21 suggested and break the house into workable bits. Simplicity means you'll probably be dealing with part studios, but this will limit your ability to break up bits. I think this is where you should start being a beg…
  • Thanks, It's 5mm thick nylon printed on a HP printer. 
  • That's a nice assembly. 
  • ok, I have to stop playing around with curves & surfaces. Map a 3D curve to the serpentine down hill curve using a 3D fit spline: I had to turn on 2nd order curve mapping ("Match curvature at start") and help effect the 3D fit spline to match…
  • I've never been a fan of this curve projected to that curve. It's too hard for the next guy to understand. I'd offer up the idea to use surfaces to convey your intent. This is way easier for the next guy to gain a better understanding of what's goi…
  • Yes, Make your changes to a drawing without any views and then export as dwt.  I put the original drawing with the exported dwt in a document which I have in a folder called library. I only have one drawing document containing all my drawing templ…
  • like @mbartlett21 says, you can use ordinate (left) or change to the dim's on the right. You can't have both. Watch your tolerances, add something to the title block for tolerance ranges. I'd make the views bigger. Detail out the welds, I'd add s…
    in Dimensioning Comment by billy2 January 1
  • @mbartlett21 will do, give me a few weeks to put it together.

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