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  • kevin_o_toole_1 said: An alternative suggestion to @john_mcclary 's which still lets you use a single table: * Add a variable feature to your Part Studio, name it "length" * Right click the variable value > click Configure by "Dimensions" *…
  • Also, here I want to use the variable to drive this extrude as well, instead of making another configuration variable 
  • NeilCooke said: Of course, any variable, regular or configuration, can be used to drive dimensions. Great, but how can I get to it? How can I reference the 800mm? I want something like variable(800mm)/#drawers
  • Here I'm trying both the top and the bottom one, which didn't have the projection symbol https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RAfsMsNpAqnYXrLYUrTPnyqZaloyQh-l/view?usp=sharing
  • Right, it does highlight, sorry;)  However, it doesn't' seem to help me. I've made a video: I want to move the spline point, which is attached to the projected point. I usually solve this by removing all constraints and then it work, but I want to…
  • ok, but still I'd like to understand this  In this image, the model is rotated about the blue axis, which according to the left is Z-axis , but why? I've clearly stated that it should be rotated about the Y-axis?
  • NeilCooke said: If you click on the two items, the measurement should show up in the bottom right corner. , I had to click on that little triangle to get the distance. Thanks
  • Cris_Bowers said: famadorian said: I do wonder though, do I need to model this way? Shouldn't I be able to model it as a single object from the start, instead of merging them together at the end? It's the extrude option that creates …
  • NeilCooke said: If the faces are indeed touching and coplanar, those lines will not be there - can you double check the accuracy of your extrudes/sketches? Here's an example: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/858ff026c133c7ada912a325/w/b6…
  • john_mcclary said: @3dcad is right, if this is just for looks, only do the outer most ring. Helix is the slowest feature in cad. otherwise here is one way to do it: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/25f98340d6e02926476d2e26/w/e7991fc7328980ab5…
  • NeilCooke said: If you expand the mate connector in the instance list you will see 2 mate connectors. Edit one of those and change the angle to 45 degrees.  Ah, I found rotation under "move";) Got it; thanks
  • philip_thomas said: @baumar. Good question.  Most cad systems have a default mode where the camera (eye) is a long way outside the geometry. 'Closer' or 'further away' is usually achieved by changing the 'zoom' factor and/or the perspective. N…
  • yes, you're right; I did it in the master sketcḧ́; thanks;)
  • glen_dewsbury said: Look over the sequence here and see only one part with no boolean. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/ba18a2fc12aee47138e1a96b/w/b97174d7e1757224dd5644b2/e/09f7d49698089039fd2204e4 Sure;) Got it. Thanks;)
  • I do wonder though, do I need to model this way? Shouldn't I be able to model it as a single object from the start, instead of merging them together at the end? It's the extrude option that creates so many separate objects. 
  • Sorry, got it now.  I created a new Boolean and now it's all AOK;) Thanks
  • glen_dewsbury said: Try changing extrude 5 from a surface to a solid. Pretty sure Boolean does not apply to surfaces since there is no volume to add or subtract. wow, I didn't see that it was a  surface.  Still, it doesn't work;) I've …
  • philip_thomas said: @famadorian - that is a wonderful model that you have. It is also full of very 'expensive' operations. My first reactions are; 1) From the feature statistics, what is the total regen time?  This number is the total modeling…
  • øyvind_kaurstad said: As I wrote in this thread: https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/2694/after-using-onshape-for-a-few-months, I have spent a lot of time waiting for Onshape while working on this particular model. The worst waiting is (natura…
  • owen_sparks said: eeeeek! you have 1 part, 6 surfaces and 1574 separate meshes there.  I'm not surprised something is blocking something else. O.S. 1574 separate meshes? I imported this OBJ file and it's one single mesh?
  • owen_sparks said: Either that or there's something in the way, sketch, plane etc.  I'd hide everything except the mesh and then start selecting points. Here's a video.  It looks like the other points I'm trying to select are "behind" a…
  • owen_sparks said: Are we talking sketch entity split here? O.S. yes
  • Thanks;)
  • I would say that a feature/bug tracker is above all these points and any other points you can think of;)
  • I want to somehow get this edge, which was in the sketch I need this edge to put the door on.  I can ofcourse make a whole new plane and add some geometry there, but if there is a way to get this edge, it would save me that step. 
  • Here's the result of using "new"; the edges I want disappears from the final extruded result
  • Right, but I was using "new"; sorry, was confused.  However, when I use "new", the edges disappear. 
  • Ok, I tried using "New", but it complains that "No merge scope selected", even though I checked "Merge with all"
  • MBartlett21 said: @famadorian It does not tell you it isn't planar. It just doesnt accept the selection. The faces and sketch regions to extrude box in your extrude is empty. My document has a FS feature that you can add to your toolbar call…

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