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  • Okay. Thanks everyone for helping me grope my way through this.
  • Thank you Diick, The mirror certainly improves the simplicity. I am confused by sketch4. How did you derive the .039 dimension? If I resize the original extrusion doesn't the fixed nature of the dimension break the correctness of the chamfer? When I…
  • Here is the document. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/3330421f58ac4065082414da/w/ac41a903de11d46be636b621/e/5f5e42dd88479dafac2bdf61
  • Thanks Pete, It took four hours but I finally got the revolve to work. It took a sketch on each end of the hex part to create the included circle with a reference line from the corner of the part to  the circle. And a sketch on a plane through the a…
  • I tried turning off acceleration but when I relaunch and try to load Onshape it tells me I have no WebGL. I tried turning it on and off a few times without change. Note I am having the same problem in three different browsers Chrome,Safari, and Fire…
  • I have already done the "Report a bug". Their recommendation was to update the nvidia drivers. After an hour online with nvidia the tech told me that there are no drivers for 10.11.6. I downloaded two drivers from them that claimed to be for 10.11.6…
  • Oh and I turned on the console in Chrome and there are no errors reported.
  • Thanks Paul. Both links show that my browser is compatible and display graphics. I prefer Chrome but I have tried Safari and Firefox. The behavior is the same. All documents do not display. I am using Onshape in free/public so all of my documents ar…

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