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  • Apologies for the delayed response. Thanks for your help. Yes- that is exactly what i was trying to do. Looking at your example I managed to achieve the result. I have been trying to understand where I went wrong. I notice you did not trim the circl…
  • I have opened the doc. and this is the link https://cad.onshape.com/documents/2258500c16af1bee0560d432/w/12daed955e3e0f47b42530c4/e/3d8d18f298622 Are you saying that I am not conforming to the guidelines ? I have read them via your link. Thanks
  • Sorry I am not clear on what you are requesting. Are you saying the link and title in the original post are not OK ? Its a public document.
  • Thanks for your comments and the link. Very useful. I had missed the point you make ref clicking the green check mark.
  • Its a Public Document "Plane Test" https://cad.onshape.com/documents/c27988896b33391434ee832b/w/301e1bbda5f5d56c6aa21f74/e/2d1887 I have just selected Right face and tried to generate sketch4 and the problem occurs -Its in red  Thanks
  • OK now thanks. I had the idea that the "red"highlighting indicated a problem rather than an incomplete sequence. Thanks
  • Link is https://cad.onshape.com/documents/e80ee5ca3c22ccfd83ecd479/w/f301b24d6e5092ccbb0eda82/e/ef93bb9e13c2c03897dcbfd6
  • Hi Jake, Thanks for your comments.  I am still struggling. Take a look at Public doc Test3 I have created a line as the revolve axis. Just trying to revolve the rectangle thro 180 deg. Why does the revolve command come up as red and fail ? Is the se…
  • Thanks Neil. I think you are correct as i have now managed to revolve a circle thro 180 degrees Still having problems though. Can you select the origin as an axis of rotation ? I cannot seem to use it. I also have a problem if I draw a line outside …

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