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  • Great !! It woks...I never used Cylindrical connector. Thank you again 
  • I want entire assembly to be animated in unison. As it is now, it is disjointed. To accomplish what I want, the ROD has to be linked with the WHEEL GEAR, it is "hanging in the air" now. What Connectors should be used to do it? What you have shown is…
  • https://cad.onshape.com/documents/7b3f2a877e1a0763f9b41ae7/w/a4b1cf7a70ce7967974bb67b/e/a3504f94127ad39818ed341b
  • Dear Andrew I did not mean to be sarcastic about" the head"  but please understand that for the longest time I was instructed how I could accomplish my end. Now I find that it was not possible at this time. I assume full responsibility for it, becau…
  • Thank you , finally I got it !! Yes, he did, somehow I have missed that. All the help  "efforts" were misleading me. Someone should have told me that much earlier, before I " banged my head against the brick wall". Functionality I am looking for in …
  • Peter Here is a link for a document with 2 sub assemblies in it. ROBOT and ROBOT 2. https://cad.onshape.com/documents/d1ba9cf350654e5bb45c5420/w/365afc68338a4173a31162f7/e/6dfe21a117bf450e9bfd73dc I have created new document ROBOT MAIN. When I tried…
  • https://cad.onshape.com/documents?filter=my-documents&column=modifiedAt&order=desc I hope this is it.
  • NO ! This is not what I am trying to do. I ma banging my head against the brick wall. I am not talking about my sloppy mates and connectors. I would learn  eventually to do it correctly. I want to MATE ROBOT and ROBOT 2 in one MAIN ASSEMBLY, as spec…
  • https://cad.onshape.com/documents/d1ba9cf350654e5bb45c5420/w/365afc68338a4173a31162f7/e/6dfe21a117bf450e9bfd73dc The above link is showing 2 assemblies -ROBOT and ROBOT 2. In one of my previous posts I have stated that I have done what you are sugge…
  • Thank you for your response The principle ability of all presently existing 3D modeling and design software is to save one document, (file)change it if required without changing the   original and use it in many different systems, sub systems or ass…
  • https://cad.onshape.com/documents/62918b876d724ceb9ebcf15e/w/b637d83a585a43efac7fe620/e/14d7b76172bf490c941de20d  https://cad.onshape.com/documents/d1ba9cf350654e5bb45c5420/w/365afc68338a4173a31162f7/e/6dfe21a117bf450e9bfd73dc Links to ROBOT and ROB…
  • https://cad.onshape.com/documents/62918b876d724ceb9ebcf15e/w/b637d83a585a43efac7fe620/e/14d7b76172bf490c941de20d This is ROBOT 2
  • I have made my documents public and pointed out an issue with Part # 3. I will not elaborate on the issue, but it is self evident upon examination of the part . The Sweep issue in short.
  • That is neat !  I will make public all my documents. STEP is listed there. I have a problem with the Sweep commend.Please look at the coil. It twists, gives angular displacement to the end profile. It is not congruent with the mating profile.  It co…
  • Lougallo I hope you can help me with the questions I have submitted for your review. As an engineer, I am primarily interested in 3D modeling software. I would humbly suggest that at this time OnShape concentrate on improving commend functionality, …
  • I sent my documents (models) to Support using "Share with support option" , just like you advised. SHARE icon was not highlighted, so I clicked on CLOSE icon. I was unable to highlight SHARE icon. Maybe that is why  documents did not come for viewin…
  • Thank you I will try again
  • Sweep commend works fine in one plane, profile gets twisted when Sweeping profile from one plane to another. The profile twist angle is equal to the angle between 2 planes. Using Loft to eliminate the twist is unreasonable, when sweeping many sectio…
  • Thank you very much for your information. I will dedicate more time learning OnSape. Many OnShape modeling commends are simpler than Pro-E commends. At times, I find Pro-E very frustrating. Anyone here can make a comparison between the two?…
  • Thank you very much for your responses. I will try it again. My assembly  models in Pro-E (CREO) are very large (30,000 kb +) In order to model assembly of such  a large component, I must be able to cross section the component in order to in…
  • I am Pro-E user. Loaded free OnShape on my laptop few days ago for experimentation. I did not encounter any problems modeling parts, but have a problem with Instances in the assembly mode. All my parts have assigned names (Part 1 to 4)and …

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