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Mountain biker, coder, podcaster, blogger, mechanical engineer, technology junky, coffee lover, husband and father of two!


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Onshaper, avid mountain biker, outdoorsman, hockey goaltender, mechanical engineer, technology geek, blogger, podcaster, coder, husband and father of 2.


  • @Otaola_Franco You can name features when you create them by clicking on the pencil at the top.  Naming is indexed by the order you add them but adding any automation here is not going to widely adopted as naming conventions are subjective.  Best to…
  • @MBartlett_CSM This is not something that we will be considering at this time.  Ideally we want to do the right thing without having a manual override to be in place.  We added this to bodies for now and are placing our efforts to make tessellation …
  • @Frank_Online Thanks for the feedback.  Today we restrict this to keep the threaded replies to the image post.  We are looking at adding more to this in the future.  In order to streamline to nesting and make sure the images in replies do not detrac…
  • We do plan to have these options remember your last selections within the same session. We plane to add this in the future.  Thanks for the feedback.  ~Lou
  • @famadorian Today we do not have preview tools for these types of tabs.  We do today on the webclient using Kudo.  There are plans to try to support apps on mobile as well so this would work. Today it is bigger than just DXF. I will move this over t…
  • I am going to move this out of the improvements and over to product feedback.
  • @raphael_grenier Are you looking for something like Stash in GIT?  I think in this case you would branch and do your test case.  That branch is your shelf.. otherwise suppress would work.
  • @MBartlett21 This request is an automation that does not fit all parties.  I would say if you are looking to do this type of automation you would need to use the API.  In most cases this can be addressed with BOM templates so you can show what colum…
  •  @paul_noonan783 it seems there might be a bug here we should have fixed in our next push.  Let me pull a ticket from this and attach you so you are notified when we fix it.  ~Lou
  • I have seen this before and it typically is something to do with the image file. You can preview the upload fine but in a sketch it is not working?  Have you tried downscaling it or trying a png version of the image?
  • @janos_horvath We are focusing on adding tools to our surfacing and you can do some of this today with split face.  Are you wanting the end result to be a curve?
  • If your really itching i can share my python script to push and pull the fs  code to a local editor. As was stated, many of the goodies are not going to be on the local editor. 

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