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  • Yes and no. We currently store our drawings in folders, each of which  group drawings for a particular area of the plant. The plan is to put the all of the drawings in each of those folders (which may contain up to 1000 drawings) into an Onshape doc…
  • I thought I might be able to get around the lack of search fields inside a document by putting all of the metadata into the tab name. This sort of works, but the search results are not always what you would hope for. The search needs to find all of …
  • See image below of the preview pane. It's only showing the Acrobat icon. Similarly the icons beside the file names are only Acrobat icons and not thumbnails. When searching for drawings, its handy to be able to see a quick preview or thumbnail of th…
  • We are currently running a trial. I have uploaded a bunch of PDF's. I tried first loading them as individual documents, but I found it best to load multiple PDF's into a single document, because it takes nearly as long to load a document containing …
  • I did check out PowerSurface. Looks good as a surface modelling tool, however, it's a complicated and expensive (for a large mesh) way to do something which I feel should be a standard tool in Onshape. Explicitly, all I want to do is to be able find…
  • I'm not sure yet how Onshape deals with copied sketches, but one of the differences/advantages of using sketch blocks is that they are inserted as instances, so any change made to the original sketch is made to all of the inserted blocks. Generally,…
  • Thanks Bruce, I just had a quick look at that document. The problem is the same as it is in Inventor if you don't use sketch blocks. The sketches are constrained, as they should be, so when you copy and paste them, you can't re-orient them (as far a…
  • Thinking about this a bit further, is it the case that a part or assembly that has lots of fine detail, e.g. hundreds or thousands of small holes, or many irregular bspline surfaces, might take longer to download than a simpler object, regardless of…
  • Thanks Philip, that's a very helpful answer.
  • Thanks all for the answers so far. I have now had some discussions with Onshape support on this issue. We are still considering various options, but Onshape is looking pretty good, particularly if we bundle in ARAS Kudo for 2D drawings.
  • Thanks Tyler. I think I understand the potential advantages of this system, but even to to be able to go ahead with a trial, I need to be able to convince the non CAD management that this is a good thing. The questions I'm asking are the types of qu…

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