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  • From my perspective RMB to rotate works great. I use both CATIA and SW. I used to think CATIA had the best model spinning & panning, but OS beats it.
  • In that way the "Mega-Bicycle Project" acts as a folder, in a way
  • If we're all collaborating on a project, in which we all contributed a workspace that we created, in what space should we be working? I think we would have to be able to create project teams within an organisation that come up in the side bar. So in…
  • In the Bicycle Frame Design there's a Fox shock. Try searching for "Fox" though...
  • Since you inevitably end up using a document as an entire assembly, not just a single part, the search must include all named parts as well. I think I'd like a way of seeing the parts in a document from within My Documents as well
  • You can already do this? You can always choose to colour your parts whatever colour you want obviously, but the way I tend to work is (eventually) to have parts coloured by either their paint/coating colour, or something that is representative of t…
  • I don't mind the cumulative selection without ctrl key at all, but we need an easy shortcut to clear the selection. Like Esc for example. Also, maybe if there was a selection count then it would be easier for ppl to see that they've already selected…
  • maybe not initial release... But you hit on what I was trying to explore here: Can we use 3D models to communicate an entire design intent? From what I've seen of the aircraft industry, it is moving towards 3D GD&T now. We often recieve parts wi…
  • Another process that I make use of, and I most commonly use this when the design is to interface with one or more existing designs: print out a Top, Front, & Right view of the space that my design will occupy, draw my ideas in 2D onto those draw…
  • What about presenting your ideas? I often find that it's easier to take a screenshot, add it to a slide in powerpoint and annotate it there. Why should that be so? 1. You ensure that everyone you send the slide to sees the information (or at least h…
  • Are you able to make a comparison of two branches of the tree in OS but not merge them. I suppose the merge feature can be used to that end anyway?
  • What about recording design notes/comments with a model? You could tag them to the 3D model, or maybe have a wiki style "discussion" page
  • I often find that I want to compare designs by viewing them both in the context of the assembly. For me it would be great if I could be reviewing an assembly, and just switch a single Part from one design to another, to see how each would behave. I'…
  • Also an "isolate" RMB option that will hide everything other than the current selection
  • I believe we will get there (Geometric Datuming & Tolerancing in the 3D space). At the moment the entire process of manufacturing parts is pretty rubbish. Here's the workflow for us: * Design part * Draw part * Send drawing out for quote …
  • I don't see why you'd want to control this particular option manually. Or if you do control it, why not enable dragging the corners of the plane whilst you're editing it?

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