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  • A More complex task. There is a solid cylinder (gray in the picture). I want to split it with a multi-surface object, like this: 1) is it possible to create multi-surface object ? 2) is it possible to make a split this way  or I should use a ho…
  • I also have thoughts about improving arrays. Existing arrays have little functionality. For Part Studio: mbartlett21 said: @InventorByNight Would this custom feature help? https://cad.onshape.com/documents/25c5ccb6a4d02f0be468071d …
  • john_mcclary said: Probably won't hurt to close some of those tabs either. You're just overloading that old dinosaur  This dinosaur is still capable of much! I had another 4 browser-windows open. The computer worked without complaints…
  • Good day, all !  I did the upgrade. Now 3d is displayed smoothly (move, rotate, zoom, highlight elements). Thank you all for your prompt help! 
  • Another question, which browser is preferable? I use Chromium Version 64.0.3282.167 as major browser for internet surfing. And Firefox 58.0.2 as spare browser with one opened tab.
  • john_rousseau said: @sergei_nesterov - Your latency numbers look OK (and as expected from your location to our servers in Ireland). I think your GPU performance is definitely to blame. What version of Ubuntu are you running? Which graphics dri…
  • What should be the characteristics (hardware) of the computer for comfortable work in onshape?
  • This is my Test. How I can see my PC not have much power. Is the video card to blame?  She is not young, but she copes with her duties. If I were drawing in an ordinary desktop-3d-application, then there would be no slowdowns.
  • strange behavior is noticeable at the ends of the wire
  • "FeatureScript Wiring" is not helped.  It visualize the wire, but can`t to create Part due Error. I have tried to change the parameters, but the error still appears.
  • Tony_C_ said: Check this FS out. FeatureScript Wiring https://cad.onshape.com/documents/6dff8f67e2ef0b33193a10d2/w/ad1dd98bb99d14ca27c2eb74/e/650bba14bf9da0cb768ca4c7 I have not learn scrips, yet.
  • mbartlett21 said: Yes it is possible To find out how to use sweep, go to here: https://cad.onshape.com/help/#sweep.htm?Highlight=sweep the manual describes the case for only two dimensions. I.e. for the case when the curve is within th…
  • If you know the name of the request , please tell it to me
  • SOLVED. Some Features in the 'Features Tree' not have 'eye', this confused me. Hide/show works only where 'eye' presented.

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