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  • romeograham
    Hi @Evan_Reese
    I am the VP of Design at ecologic brands - we make sustainable packaging in California by pairing recycled paper outer shells with super-thin plastic liners (where necessary). Our materials are never laminated or bonded together, so they can be separated & recycled. Unilever and L'Oreal are two of are larger customers.

    I have transitioned all our design work (products, some tooling and custom automation equipment etc) to Onshape...which is fantastic! However, we are a very small team (I'm the only designer with much experience), and I've got more CAD work than I can comfortably handle.

    We are about to launch 3-4 new stock packages in the next few months that all require adaptation of some custom die cutting and assembly tools. I need help with all of the CAD work. Each cutting tool assembly has 30-50 components, that are a mix of "common" or shared parts and custom parts. The work is really procedural: take this existing tool set (made for our, say, 16oz bottle), copy it, and make a tool set for our 12oz (and 8oz, and 50 oz) bottle. The CAD is not particularly challenging, but there are many interrelated components, tolerancing issues, drawings, and, of course, Release Management etc. It's a volume of work challenge for me, not so much a tough design problem that needs solving (much of that work is done).

    I'm in the process of looking at Internships / recent design grads to help get through this, but I know the learning curve from student-level experience with SolidWorks to Onshape proficiency will be a bit of a challenge. I got to thinking that a quick way to get through the next little bit would be to work with someone that already uses Onshape at a high level.

    So....I was wondering if Fractal would be interested in a little contract CAD work? Are you guys busy through this period (must be doing OK since you're hiring)?  I think it's probably 3-4 weeks of work for an experienced Onshape user. If so, what are your rates?  Sorry I'm not looking for full-service consultancy help right now, and I totally understand if you aren't interested in this type of stuff. (I was a senior designer at DW Product Development in Ottawa for 13 years, so know some of the ins & outs of consultancy work).

    I'd be happy to have a Meet or phone call if you're at all interested in learning more.
    [email protected]
    July 8
  • Evan_Reese
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    Your willingness to share knowledge has definitely been noticed.
    May 26

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