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In 1993 helped launch Premise DesignView VAR model, getting to know Jon Hirschtick. Later that year my company, Progressive Computing Corp, (PCC) helped CADKEY become a household named, later adding SDRC Ideas Master Series, Geopath and Esprit bringing design for manufacturing efficiencies to clients building products. In Later 1994 I led PCC into some bold moves to replace our other CAD platforms with SolidWorks, where we brought Desktop (Windows) 3D to many large and small manufacturers. At PCC formed SolidWorks night school programs, started the SolidWorks educational college market, and hosted Mid Summer Tech Fair for advanced innovation around manufacturing best practices. In 1996 founded the first and only PLM master distributorship bringing Smarteam to market. Later forming largest PLM Smarteam solutions center in the US. In 2013 after years in the global workflow market, formed and founded Clear Process Solutions (CPS) to provide ERP, PLM and CRM Workflow middle-ware that includes comprehensive BI / Analytics. In 2016 was awarded SAP Winshuttle partner of the year after helping global SAP clients automate processes at Moen, Rockwell, Carhartt, Cooper Tire and many others. In 2018 CPS launched ERPlinc, the 1st Data Management ECO solution for Onshape, and added this innovative solution to the Onshape APP store. Today, CPS is bringing innovation and affordable Workflow and Dashboards to companies around the world. Its a pleasure to be back engaged in the CAD community, with some old friends from SolidWorks. GO Onshape and lets make some great things happen.


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