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Neels_Audie PRO

Neels Audie Owner and designer of Audie steel and engineering neelsaudie@gmail.com Experience Owner at Audie steel and engineering January 1999 - Present (17 years 2 months) I have a very responsible job - Everything that goes wrong - I am responsible Owner and designer at Audie steel and engineering cc January 1998 - Present (18 years 2 months) I started the company in 1998 and designed and manufactured a string of drilling rigs for different applications. I design in Solidworks 2013 and have a fully equipped workshop with a staff complement of 24 - including designers and artisans. I also have CNC machines and operators. As a relatively small company we are able to take on challenges like the project in South Sudan where we were contracted to the Department of state of America to supply a drilling rig in 5 weeks to solve a humanitarian crises in refugee camps in the north of South Sudan. We performed flawless and have the references to prove it. Languages Afrikaans (Native or bilingual proficiency) English (Native or bilingual proficiency) Skills & Expertise Accounting Inventory Management Forecasting Logistics Change Management Sales AutoCAD Drilling Procurement Solidworks Contract Management Project Planning Process Scheduler Purchasing Materials Team Leadership Supervisory Skills Page2 Business Planning Analysis Contract Negotiation Teamwork Automotive Supply Chain Management Training Management MS Project Customer Satisfaction Supply Chain Pricing SAP Administration Projects SALT - South African large telescope May 2011 to Present Members:Neels Audie I designed a drilling rig to fit on a TLB and another one on a Excavator to solve the problem of drilling in places not accessible otherwise Audie spider drill rig March 2009 to Present Members:Neels Audie This drill rig I designed to drill water wells up to 200 meters deep and 6 inches diameter But it needed to be towed by a land cruiser and must be able to fit in very small spaces. That presented a lot of challenges but I am proud to say it is a success The LC150 April 2006 to Present Members:Neels Audie This rig needed to be light but have all the bells and whistles of a big rig- The new and improved version I delivered to my customer in Zimbabwe on the 31 of December 2012 Check it out on my web site SAR200 May 2011 to Present Members:Neels Audie This is the best rig for water well drilling in Africa. Best doesn't mean it can drill the deepest or the biggest hole size - It means it is simple effective and can do 98 percent of all water well drilling in Africa. It is made so that it can be repaired in Africa by the skill levels available in Africa. And it is cost effective. SAR300 July 2012 to Present Members:Neels Audie Page3 I designed and build this rig for the humanitarian project in South Sudan and it had to fit in a Illusion 76 - It has the capability to drill up-to 300 meters deep and has two triplex piston pumps on- board for mud rotary drilling - I designed and build and delivered this rig in 5 weeks. SAR210 September 2010 to Present Members:Neels Audie This rig was designed to drill large diameter holes for the use in Power line construction It can drill upto 2.4 meters deep and upto 17 inch in diameter - It is a compact unit with on board compressor TT300 May 2006 to Present Members:Neels Audie Here my aim was to make a trailer mounted drill that could do DTH and mud rotary- for the use in Mozambique and Angola It has all the bells and whistles that the SAR300 truck mounted rig has now only - it is trailer mounted. SAR100 April 2014 to Present Members:Neels Audie I designed and build the new SAR100 on a 4 ton Toyota truck - The challenge was to build it in the weight limit and still give the drilling rig the capacity to drill 150 meters deep and 8 inch diameter DTH Also the rig had to hold its own drilling rods for atleast 120 meters. after the first SAR100 I looked around and found that the Isuzu NQR 500 has the same load capacity but enable us to tow an additional 2000 Kg trailer. Now we have a drilling rig that can tow our mudpump trailer and fit under a carport Have a look at our website for more info The African January 2015 to Present Members:Neels Audie Building the African was the culmination of my experience build drilling rigs I wanted it to be simple and give me the option to reuse parts and processes on different models So I designed a tower that can be scaled - As I found a 1 to 1 relation in the tower to have many advantage I designed the African Tower on a 1:1 - Just like the Sider and TT300 Towers I wanted to have tower that can be dumped onto the ground. I also did not want the hassle with cables and pulleys. I needed a simple but effective way to load the drilling rods into the tower and came up with two. There was other difficulties I had to overcome. As a dump mast will not make it easy to route your drill pipes without taking into consideration. We are now launching The African range of 10 drilling rigs on the 20th of Jan 2015 Audie Spider V2 March 2015 to Present Members:Neels Audie, Jan Hendrik Kleynhans, Charno Le Roux, Stefan Rothman We designed and manufactured the Audie Spider V2 complete with detail drawings etc Page4 Patents AUTOMATIC DRILL South Africa Patent 2013/01867 Issued March 12, 2012 Inventors: Neels Audie This is a drilling system to automate drill rod handeling for water well drilling rigs We are in the process to build one now I call it the Audie speed star


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