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Phillip_Beveridge ·

Phillip Beveridge, I have worked as Mechanical Designer and Quality technician for over 31 years with plenty of street smarts. I Started from the drawing board and have used AutoCad r14 through 2006, SolidWorks 98, to 2017. I design gauges such as true position gauges and go/no go gauges as well as CNC fixtures. I enjoy trying to bring Manufacturing and Engineering together through using GD&T and statistics to control long production runs. By this I mean Engineering needs to be practical on datum selections, manufacturing needs to nest the parts as the print call out and Quality inspects or nests the part the same way that the manufacture made it, that in turn should have been machined the way the engineer designed it, to the Fit form and function of the part how it will work in the assembly. I've seen so many failed attempts when the Engineer places GD&T on the print and yet manufacturing will find their own way to fixture the parts. I am Fluent in the ever so popular GD&T that plagues and causes so much confusion between what Engineers, manufacture and Quality and yet neglecting the reason for GD&T to its primal use for Fit, form and function. Im currently taking a year sabbatical and plan to learn Onshape and see where life goes from there. In my leisure time I enjoy Bikepacking, camping, mountain biking and long distance bicycle touring. I believe in balance life between work and play. I work hard and play hard.


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