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Jose_Morales PRO


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  • @NeilCooke

    I just shared the assembly level file with you. I created a branch that we can tinker with while we figure it out. If it'd help to hop on a call just shoot me a call at 787-379-5517. I'm in California so any time before 6pm PST would work. 
    July 8
    • NeilCooke
      Can you share the part?
    • NeilCooke
      Sorry Jose, I need link permissions for the part and it would also be helpful to have edit/link permissions for the featurescript too. Damn Onshape is too secure :) - my initial guess is that it may be something to do with quotes " but I can't test that theory without permissions.
    • Jose_Morales
      Done, Let me know if you need any input from me. Note that the current featurescript is a very basic one to which I plan on adding many more functions, but I first want to make sure that I can make it work all the way up o config assemblies. Thanks, again.
    • NeilCooke
      Dev guys have confirmed that configuring text from an assembly is a current limitation - something that I wasn't aware of. I will file a bug to get this fixed, but I cannot guarantee how long that will take. Question: is the project_id always a number or a number with a prefix? If it is always something like "Project 1234" then it is possible to set the text in yous FS as "Project " ~ #id where #id is a number which can be driven from the assembly. Not ideal, but maybe that can workaround the issue for now? Let me know and sorry for the inconvenience. Neil.
    • Jose_Morales
      Oh, ok -well that's unfortunately but also a relief to know that I wasn't missing something. The solution you proposed would certainly get us a long way there, but I am still interested in the formal solution.

      How would I go about doing what you're proposing? Simply use the config variable as a number and not text? That solves it?
    • NeilCooke
      Yes and in your FS feature (not the code, but the actual feature in Interior Finish Wall Panel - as shown in branch "Neil") set the text as "Project " ~ #project_id (where #project_id has been deleted and recreated as a number, not text variable). Then in the assembly change #project_id to a number, not text and then you can configure the variable in the part instance. This will be fine as long as the prefix remains the same (although if there are several standard prefixes you could create a config table for those and combine them in the FS feature). Sounds more complicated than it is.
  • NeilCooke
    Hi Jose - please share with edit permissions to [email protected] Make a version, then I can branch from there so as not to mess up your doc. Won't be until Monday now :)
    July 6

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