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dave_cowden ✭✭✭

Ah ok thanks. Yes other thread forms are on my radar. Whitworth was not but I can add it. Tapered threads are not easy to add, which is why I don't have them now . There are a lot of questions because of the taper. For example, if we start with a cylinder, is it the inner is the outer diameter? Do we allow users to selected thread length? If so, what happens if the thread taper means that the objects becomes larger or smaller than the original cylinder? I will add this to my thread creator to do list. I have a number of other projects at the moment so I do not expect to work on this soin., But I will get there eventually. Thanks again for reaching out!


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  • chuck_miller
    Hi Dave, I asked a question about your Surface Text Feature Script and how to implement it into my document or at least on how to make use of it. It is exactly what I need to use and learn for a project I am working on. Can you please help me figure this out as I am new to not only Onshape but also CAD to a point? I have taken a class (7 months) on Onshape and have learned the fundamentals and I'm wanting to expand my knowledge even more to help with my 3D Printing. What I am looking to do is add a text box with text around the surface of a half circle sort of like a tire. Thank you so much in advance.
    April 15
    • dave_cowden
      Hi, Chuck!
      Using surface text is pretty easy. here are the steps:

      1. Add the surface text feature to your toolbar. you do that by clicking the "+" in your toolbar, and finding 'surface text' in the list of features.

      2. make a new part, and draw a sketch, for example, a circle, and extrude it into a disc.

      3. select the top face of the disk, and make a new sketch.

      4. add a construction line, where you want your text to be based.

      5. finish the sketch

      6 add the surface text feature. choose the construction line in the sketch from step 5, and the face from step 3.

      Here's an example with the steps above done-- I hope this helps!


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