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bill_daniels ✭✭✭


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    December 1
  • bryan_lagrange


    I will get with my team to look at these parts. This looks right up our alley.

    I will reply back when I have more information.

    You can also contact me @ bryan@mezcofab.com.

    November 29
  • bill_daniels earned the 100 Comments badge.
    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    October 28
  • The winch drums are under contract.  Enlarging the ID and then fitting two rings into the larger bore to restore the original geometry was the key.  A shop in Seattle will machine the drums and perform the liquid nitrogen enabled interference fitting of the rings into the bore.

    Now, I have an even bigger challenge - the axial (barrel) cam.  Anyone have a suggestion who could make this?
    October 23
  • bryan_lagrange

    Impressive CAD model.

    Is there any part of this project you want me to focus on to get you a quote? How much of the project do you need me to quote on (all/partial)?

    Once I get this information I will get with my estimators to see what falls within our capabilities. 

    You can email me at: bryan@mezcofab.com (this is also the e-mail associated with our Pro account)
    October 16
    • bill_daniels
      In addition to the drums, the planetary gearbox, associated shaft and dog clutch need quotes. There are also a number of weldments for things like the fairleads, X-Wind Box and frame.
    • bill_daniels
      OH, yes, the parts of the Sprag clutch need quotes.
  • No, 7075 T6 is not weldable.  Understand that this drum will be under EXTREME stress.  With 10,000 feet of rope wound on at over a ton of tension, the crushing force is about a million pounds.  The drum design has undergone a long series of FEA runs to arrive at a geometry which will survive this stress.

    What can be done to enhance manufacturability is to enlarge the ID in order to permit easier access by a cutting tool.  Then two rings have to be made to restore the original geometry.  The rings will be installed in the enlarged ID using a thermal interference fit.  This means chilling the rings to -191C in liquid nitrogen to shrink them so they fit easily.  When the temperature equalizes, the rings are locked in as if they had been welded.
    October 17
  • bryan_lagrange

    Would you allow making the aluminum drum in 3 pieces and welding them together? 2 ends and a center section?
    October 17
  • bryan_lagrange
    We have a Pro seat at Mezco. We have CNC lasers, water jet,HD plasma, along with Haas Mills and lathe. We also have full fabrication with CNC bending and welding. Not sure what you need but could take a look at it and get you a quote if it fits our capabilities. 
    October 13

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