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len_1962 EDU

Manage the semte student machine shop at ASU, since Feb 2008, mentoring students in the use of equipment and manufacturing processes used in the shop. Associates Degree in Prototype and Design (Model Making) 1983-85, 2009 Worked as a model maker for 20+ years at SOM, Niven Marketing, DCI Marketing, Frog Design, IDEO to name a few. Worked for SolidWorks VAR 3 yrs as Tech Support and Trainer Have instructed SolidWorks and surfcam at the Community College and at ASU Also help out a custom motorcycle builder here in Phoenix for fun.


Last Active
  • Re: SolidCam

    I know Ken Merrit at SolidCam really well, saw him at SWW here in Phoenix last month. I got a funny smirk from him when I mentioned Onshape and how it would be cool if they would work inside of OS (View Post)
  • In sketch adding dimension

    Why is there no ability to do math functions in the dimension field, would really help when a drawing you are give has running dims or need 3 times or 1/2 the number. oh yes units would be nice also … (View Post)

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