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john_mcclary PRO

[Mechanical Designer / I.T.] I Design & Build Prototype/Custom machines & factory equipment since 2005


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  • steve_geuss
    Hello John, 
    I can not seem to get an Automaton to animate properly for me with the cam acutally moving the follower the way that I would like it to. Any help is appreciated thanks. See below for an explanation
    April 14
    • john_mcclary
      Sorry Steve, didn't see this message until just now.

      That is odd... It should have completely failed to animate. Not sure why it still animated half way.

      I'm guessing it has something to do with the flat face of the post where you have it tangent to your cam.
      Try turning that into a sharp point, or a round nose. so the cam and follower are only touching by a single POINT at every position of the cam's face.
    • john_mcclary

      I just tried it with a flat nose (like you have) and a ball nose and they both work for me... can you link your document and I can take a deeper look?
  • scott_lipsham
    Thanks John. I’m wondering why Fusion just handled the milk jug easily whereas OnShape ( which I love btw) needed the extra step? Any ideas
    regards and thanks Scott
    April 14
    • john_mcclary
      Not sure, i haven't used fusion for lofting, solidworks is hit or miss as well.

      I think they are drawing each sketch from a start point (like pen on paper) and your top sketch may have been rotated relative to the other. That is just a guess, but that seems to be the feeling of how things work
  • john_mcclary earned the 2,500 Comments badge.
    Another day, another comment, another badge.
    April 22

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