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john_mcclary PRO

[Mechanical Designer / I.T.] I Design & Build Prototype/Custom machines & factory equipment since 2005


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  • rune_thorsen229
    Hi John, do you remember that you taught me to make an assembly then make a part in context and transform-copy in place' the parts in order to have a 'printplate' part. Now I have the problem that I need to transform all parts, but some are overlapping 100% (for a reason). I can only select one (as I cant figure out to hide the ghosted part of what I have already copied).  Any workaround?
    This is the doc:https://cad.onshape.com/documents/b9f5b2bfa198512d71c73ea4/w/bbd4948b14af259d945f6e25/e/4973b7a8e465cb27c7f0f0d8

    March 5
    • john_mcclary
      Every time you update a context, the part studio will take a snapshot of the assembly “AS IS” and store it in a “context” in the part studio.

      That being said. You can “Hide” parts in your assembly before “updating” your context. That will prevent the confusing overlap of parts when viewing your context in the part studio.
    • rune_thorsen229
      Thanks a lot, I found out. I suggest you post this gem somewhere as it is not very intuitive.
      Its driving me mad that all my named parts looses their names when transforming. Are you aware of any workaround? I might even accept a featurescript (yrk) if its turnkey ready ?

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