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Setting Up Custom Template - Issues

Don_Van_ZileDon_Van_Zile Member Posts: 195 PRO

I'm trying to finalize our custom templates with our Title Block, Rev Table in the upper right corner etc... Now I have my ISO A2 size setup. I was under the impression with the "Move to" options that we would be able to change the sheet size and automatically have the Title Block, Rev Table move to the correct position after. Is this not possible? Do I have to setup every sheet size we want and save to the DWT and import? If we do this is a nightmare for any minor changes to drawing template for any reason; I hope I'm wrong and any assistance would be great.

Also, lets say I did simply just want to "Move and Snap" the line entities to the drawing border or the Rev table in another. Is there a way to "snap" with precision?  Again, I hope this isn't why we really need to save to Autocad and import back for these precision moves of enities within an Onshape drawing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or feedback.
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