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using configurator in industrial application


we currently are working on better use of Onshape configurator. We prepared test document of wall mounted jib crane. In general we are very satisfied with this configurator, but we came across some difficulties. Maybe you will have some better idea to solve this problem...

First problem are views of parts on welded assembly drawings. Our drawing standard is welded assembly on one sheet and views of assembled parts on another sheet of the same drawing. After changing drawing configuration of assembled welded parts it updates well. But views of parts are sourced directly from part studio, so they can’t be simply updated - we have to change configuration of every part separately. That can lead to some mistakes and is time consuming.

Another thing about that - is there a way to bind balloon numbers of this parts to BOM table?

What bothers us more are names of parts in configurations. We would like to make it automatic. There are some feature scripts, but we are not able to use them in some cases:

  • when we use steel beam’s and want symbol of this beam to be in the name of part

  • when one (or all) of the dimensions we want to be in the name are “control dimensions” (so we can’t make them variables)

More of our tests you can read on our blog https://goo.gl/KBPZYr , there is also screen record with how it works.

Do you have any experiences with using this Onshape configurator for industrial application? Could you share with your ideas? We would appreciate help with this topic.


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