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New freeform surface modeler - Beta testers invite

Hello everyone,

We have developed a new surface modeler for freeform, organic design called Phi and are looking for beta testers.

With Phi you draw curves that define your shape, and surfaces that contain the curves are automatically filled in to create your model, based on state-of-the-art proprietary mathematics. Phi is intuitive, fast and easy to learn and use, so anyone can freely design and manipulate 3D shapes. The resulting surfaces are top quality, precise, watertight and smooth, allowing you to focus on your design ideas.

All this is made possible by our underlying cutting-edge kernel that uses proprietary n-sided surface patch technology that we have been researching and developing for several years.

You can see a quick video introducing Phi here:


and more demo videos here:


We will be launching a private beta version of Phi within the Onshape app store (it's an integrated cloud app) and we would like to invite interested Onshape users as early beta testers.

If you would be willing to help us out and give us your feedback, please drop us a line at beta@phenometry.com with your Onshape account email and name and we will add you to the team as soon as Phi launches. As a thank you, we will also be offering free subscription periods for both Phi and Phi Pro (when they launch as paying apps) to all private beta testers who help us with their time and input.

Looking forward to hearing from the Onshape community.


The Phenometry Team


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    stephanos_androutsellis_theotokisstephanos_androutsellis_theotokis Member, Developers Posts: 6 PRO

    Thank you to all who volunteered to beta-test Phi. We'll soon be contacting you with details about logging into and using the system.

    If anyone else is interested in joining the beta, please drop us an email at beta@phenometry.com with your Onshape account email and name and we will add you to the team as soon as Phi launches.

    Thank you,
    The Phenometry Team
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