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General speed of Onshape

dick_van_der_vaartdick_van_der_vaart Member Posts: 49 PRO
I've seen a lot of discussion's on this forum about the general performance of Onshape, I'm using Onshape for more than 2 years now, my documents are getting more complex, using big configuration document's with sheetmetal etc.
I'm using Onshape at work and on my private computer, I live in the Netherlands so we have real fast internet-connection.
With the intro of configuration,s Onshape started becoming a bit slower than usual, I think after the last few updates that problem is solved, at least for me.
However I've noticed that my system-check at work and at home are almost identical, but the overall performance is not, at work I've a lot less power.
Last week our system- operator's started using a different firewall, since then Onshape became almost not usable.
So I've complaint about this and they changed a few setting's, there's where a lot of complaint's about general internet performance.
I'm not allowed to install software on my business PC for monitoring the connection, but I'm sure there is something wrong.
My point is, system-check is a nice tool to see what the power of your PC is for Onshape, but has nothing to do with the real performance.
Is it possible for the tech-people at Onshape to hand me over a document with some sort of optimal setting's for the use of Onshape on a business network that I can handover to our system-operator.
I'm a regular guest on the forum and I think there are more user like me with similar problem's as I can read, and maybe a lot of users should check there business network , cabled or Wifi first.
If I can't find a solution for this I will have start working at home more, the coffee is better at home :) :expressionless:
I hope to get some respons or tip's from other user's

Greeting's from an overall happy Onshaper


  • john_rousseaujohn_rousseau Member, Onshape Employees, Developers Posts: 244
    Hi @dick_van_der_vaart. Bad coffee has often been associated with poor (Onshape) performance. We monitor a lot of metrics on our side, but I don't have insight into the quality of your coffee. :-)

    We need to be able to create and maintain a stable WebSockets connection from your machine to our servers. If the firewall is interrupting or limiting that, you will have a poor experience with Onshape. Ask if the new firewall is enforcing "Quality of Service (QoS)" rules. What is the model of the firewall?

    John Rousseau / Director, Technical Operations / Onshape Inc.
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