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Loft guideline trouble

mike_hölschermike_hölscher Member Posts: 105 PRO

We have a legacy SW part that needs to be revised. I started to remodel in Onshape but found some lofting trouble.

The end result should look like this.
Where the big curved inside should really be cylindrical, and transition nicely into the straight side flaps.
The curved outer rim is bigger in the middle than on the sides, so also should be lofted.

In SW, when lofting in between two profiles and adding a single guideline, makes THE ENTIRE loft bend exactly over that guide curve.

In Onshape, when lofting in between profiles and adding a singe guideline, only makes THAT SINGLE line of the loft bend over the guide curve, and the rest kind of does something in between following this line and shortest path.

Screenshots below to illustrate:

First the SW Loft Feature where you can see the entire loft follows the single guide curve very nicely.

Second the Onshape Loft Feature where you can see the guide curve vertex of the loft follows the guide curve, but rest of the loft does not. 

Adding more guide curves does not help, except if you would (be able) to do it for every vertex on the profile.
Using Path looks nice at first, but still does not create a real cylindrical face on the inside of the loft, and does not work well with Normal to Profile, which is needed to get a smooth transition after mirroring.

Is this something we can solve?

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