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Seeking a freelance / part time CAD technician

Stephane_Pagani_PaganiStephane_Pagani_Pagani Member Posts: 6
edited October 2018 in General


We are a LOCAL lighting fixture studio seeking a freelance / part time CAD technician. We are located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in NEW YORK CITY, and need someone LOCAL who can work at our location (and possibly work remotely as well).

The work includes finding creative solutions to engineer fixtures / engineer / model / draw lighting fixtures

Must have solid knowledge of OnShape (and/ or Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Autocad, SolidWorks)

Industrial / Product design experience preferable

Fabrication experience preferable

Flexible schedule

Available immediately

Please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for passing this on to others who might be interested





  • chris_winters404chris_winters404 Member Posts: 37 PRO
    Hello Stephane,
    Is it really needed for the cad tech to be local? Is it for face to face design input? Many of these issues can be handled using google hangouts and the comments section located inside of a document as well as leaving a note in the actual feature for feed back. I will forward you my CV if you are interested in remote CAD work.
    Stay awesome!
    Chris Winters
  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your response. It is essential as we are developing product and prototyping it in house, so we need someone to come in and work with our design and production team to understand all aspects of the design in order to engineer and draw it.

    Lighting fixture studio looking for industrial designer/ mechanical engineer/ CAD technician 

    to engineer / 3D model / draw lighting fixtures

    -Work includes finding creative solutions to engineer and develop fixture designs

    -Experience with either Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Autocad, OnShape and SolidWorks a MUST

    -Industrial / Product design experience preferable

    -Fabrication experience preferable

    -We are ONLY looking for someone who is local to the NYC area and can mostly work on site at our location (some off-site work also applicable)

    -Flexible schedule

    -Available immediately

    Please email us at [email protected] or reply to this post directly

    Thank you
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