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Folders not showing up in Onshape Teams

Normally, when I click on my Onshape Team all the folders which have been shared with the team show up. For some reason, all that shows up are just the contents of all the folders that had been shared. This makes it very difficult to locate documents. Anyone know how to make the folders show up?

Best Answer


  • chris_fehringchris_fehring Member Posts: 2
    We have the same problem and a related feature request.  It would be nice to be able to organize the team folders independently from each individual's folders.  When you share a doc with a team, it could ask you what folder you'd like to share it in.  Team admins should be able to move documents among team folders, which shouldn't affect placement in individual folders.  

    Further, the folder location is essentially a form of metadata to make it easier to find the object in the future.  Many people are familiar with hierarchal organization but your "label" feature could potentially serve the same purpose.  For now, we'll plan to use labels to indicate whatever metadata the folder structure would provide.  

    Since metadata can sometimes lend itself to a hierarchy, a hierarchy of labels could also be useful.  We could potentially "fake" a hierarchy with a dash or other symbol in the label name, separating the hierarchy levels.  Examples:
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