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Mirror problem

iain_downsiain_downs ✭✭Member Posts: 20 ✭✭

I'm trying to design a steam engine.  My cylinder block has symmetrical steam ports going at an angle from the face into the cylinder. see cylinder block here.

I designed one with a plane to follow the angle (3 point) then a normal plane to put a sketch on to generate port shape and an extrusion (removal) up to the port on the face.  It's not that complicated to see, but it's quite hard to describe.

Having done one, I wanted to create a mirror of it for the other port - to save all the messing around with planes.  However, having done this the extruded removal passes through the port and intersects with the face of the block.

My theory on this is that the original extrusion was 'up to face' and that face is not in the path of the mirrored extrusion.  I'd assumed that it would be the actual geometry that was mirrored and not the instructions.

Is this intentional, or is this a bug?


P.C>  I will leave the part like this until this time tomorrow (at least) in case you want to look at it.  After that I may do things the hard way and recreate the second port with planes and things.


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