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Possible Keyboard Shortcuts in Mobile?

I really love the ability to use full CAD functionality on my ipad. However, the speed is somewhat slow without being able to use keyboard shortcuts like I do in a browser. Is there any way we can have this feature in a future update? 



  • wesmwatsonwesmwatson Member Posts: 3 PRO
    I’d like to second this. Or some other faster way to access commonly used sketch tools and features.
  • sef_pinneysef_pinney Member Posts: 5
    Onshape’s biggest value proposition is that it allows for Cloud processing and lighter, iPad-like workstations.  This won’t be a secondary machine for some, and will grow Onshape’s user base if they start on Tablet, then eventually work at a thin client.

    Just because we’re using the mobile app doesn’t mean we’re novice, or without a keyboard.  There needs to be a Simple / Advanced toggles in Mobile prefs that expose as much expert UI functionality as is possible.... leave it up to the users to figure out how to best customize your interface for efficient work.  Keyboard shortcuts are the First and most necessary aspect of this, as well as Menu customization.

    the iPad Pro 12” has nearly a 4K screen (and can drive a real 4K monitor.)
  • thaddeusthaddeus Member Posts: 4 EDU
    edited January 2020
    I would like to see keyboard shortcuts work on the iPad too.

    Along with that, please fix the bug that prevents variables from being entered as a dimension with the keyboard.
  • timandrewstimandrews Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 16
    @thaddeus, using variables in dimensions is currently supported on both the Android and iOS apps. Make sure you use a # symbol before your variable name. If you're using a length variable, there is no need to include units in the dimension field since they are already defined in the variable itself.

  • thaddeusthaddeus Member Posts: 4 EDU
    @thaddeus, using variables in dimensions is currently supported on both the Android and iOS apps.

    There is a bug that prevents it from working when a keyboard is attached. 
    With Keyboard:

    Without Keyboard:

    The issue seems to be that the dialog doesn’t allow the unit (inches in this case) designation to be removed. Tapping the keyboard icon doesn’t work; it doesn’t bring up the keyboard (because the system detects a physical keyboard) and the units selector remains on the screen with no option to specify *no* unit.
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