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What CAD projects have your students enjoyed?

archanaa_sundrarajarchanaa_sundraraj Onshape Employees Posts: 1
Hey all! I'm curious-- what types of CAD projects do your students typically enjoy working on in the classroom?


  • brian_bradybrian_brady Member, Developers Posts: 458 EDU
    I got good feedback for a recent large project. Students worked in teams of 5 to create a "real world" machine for which I gave them 2D dimensioned drawings for most parts and just basic design information for simple parts like spacers, pins, rest buttons, etc. There were 39 parts in the package with several assembly views and a BOM so they could create the completed assembly. The parts ranged in point values from 5 to 20 based on complexity and number of features. They enjoyed working with each other and fixing each other's problems when they occurred. In a survey I was told time and again that they like that it was a "real" machine and not just random parts.
  • derek_wardderek_ward Member Posts: 60 EDU
    My final project in my high school junior level, 1 term long, engineering class is to design and 3D print a cell phone stand that folds up into the size of a credit card.  I had a lot of great designs with my class last year.  I'm curious how this year is going to end up. 
  • Matt_LoMatt_Lo Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 4
    In my college CAD course, I worked on a few unique projects that I really got in to. Our final project was to create a large top assembly of a "complex" everyday machine/tool/ object, then run motion analysis and FEA. One group designed a wind turbine, one did a wheel chair, an FSAE group worked on the motor of their car, and my group worked on a racing bicycle. In the previous year, the class worked as a full group to design components of a commercial airliner. I found these projects to be great because we got to learn how to collaborate using CAD (and Onshape makes it super easy to do so!) and we got to compare our final products with the real-world object. We knew how the final products were supposed to look like, as we could get specs online or by finding the objects around us. Plus, running motion analysis and FEA allowed us to determine whether our design met the specs we had intended to.
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