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Market for engineered models

dan_engererdan_engerer Member Posts: 62 PRO
Hi. I'm toying with the idea of a marketplace for engineered 3D models/fabrication plans within Onshape. The idea would be for individuals or companies to be able to buy or sell design "templates" (such as a gearbox, or a special mechanism, etc.) instead of having to build these from scratch. Onshape makes this particularly easy and attractive with their cloud sharing capabilities, integrated BOM, variable driven designs, and other forward-thinking concepts. 

I am teetering back and forth as to whether this is at all practical, or whether it just makes sense for individuals or companies to simply make their own models from scratch. Obviously it's inefficient to re-invent the wheel, but with the level of complexity involved in new product or machine design, it can be very hard to adapt "canned" models into something usable. 

I'm curious to hear the Onshape community's thoughts on this concept! 
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