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How to make a hook with a complex loft following multiple guides

eric_baulderic_bauld Member Posts: 1
edited January 6 in Using Onshape
I am building a hook for a wire rack that I can clip on and trying to loft between two faces to make said hook. I can get it close to what I would like.
I have the loft between sketch 2 and sketch 3
Using "loft path sketch" and "sketch 20" it lofts the profile of the hook I would like pretty close.
But I cannot seem to find an effective way to tune its shape.

I made and "Sketch 22" as kind of a guide as I would like the width of the hook near sketch 2 to narrow before going out to the hook point. Sketch 22 kind of shows the profile I would like(If you look at it from the top), but it won't work as it sticks way outside the loft and does not really follow the sweeping up that gives it its "hook" It feels like I need to be able to sketch a guide curve in 3d for it to follow but can only do such on a plane. 

Hope that made sense, a link to where I am in the workspace trying to tune the hooks profile/shape. 


Edit: Realized I made this as a discussion and not started as a question, is there a way to update it to a question?


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