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Drawing Improvements - Sketch Tools, Dimensioning

joseph_conlinjoseph_conlin Member Posts: 10 PRO
Please continue improving the 2D Drawing functionality.  I find myself needing to go back to SolidWorks to create anything but very simple drawings.

I was pleased to see that crop view was added to drawings recently, but as far as I can tell, we can only use the spline tool to create our sketch for cropping.  It would be very helpful to have the full sketching package available in drawings so that we could crop a square, circle, or other easily definable shape.

Similarly, it would be very helpful to have the sketch tools available for creating block diagrams in a drawing, or to highlight features of a part or assembly.

On dimensioning (and sketching in general), it would be great to be able to place an angle dimension from a line to vertical or horizontal.  This is a very helpful feature in SW.

Finally, some kind of snap alignment would be helpful for placing dimensions.  I try to free drag them as closely to aligned as possible, but it still tends to look messy when arrows overlap.

Thank you!  Keep up the good work!


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    mike_hölschermike_hölscher Member Posts: 105 PRO
    edited January 2019
    +1 For cropping with rectangles and circles

    +1 For snapping dimensions to each other

    Maybe these should be separate IR's...
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