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CAD Tasting & 3D Printing @ Local Motors

matthew_elgertmatthew_elgert Member Posts: 3
edited June 2015 in General

Hello I wanted to share with everyone a CAD meetup event we are having. One of the talks will be about Onshape. Please consider joining our meetup group www.meetup.com/Phoenix-3D-Printing and attending.

There are a lot of different CAD software out there, and at CAD Tasting, we will be giving brief demonstrations of some of that software. If 3D modeling peaks your interest (maybe there is something you want to 3D Print), but you dont know where to start, come down to CAD Tasting and you can get a feel for whats out there.

Tentative Schedule

7:00 - Opening and Introductions from Chad

7:10 - G Code, By ???

7:32 - Blender, by Elia Martinez

7:54 - OpenSCAD, by Matthew Elgert & Kim

8:16 - Onshape, by Matt Jackson

8:38 - TinkerCAD, by Laura Royal

9:00 - ViaCAD, by Dean Franks

Please RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-3D-Printing



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    christopher_owenschristopher_owens Member Posts: 235 ✭✭
    @matthew_elgert  I saw this on my Meetup.com search for Onshape! (And maybe on LinkedIn) I would like to know how it goes! I asked Onshape if they have a Meetup "presentation". I would like to do a 3D Printing/Onshape Meetup here in Central Illinois!
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    matthew_elgertmatthew_elgert Member Posts: 3
    @christopher_owens I will let you know. If you would like any help or tips on giving one in Illinois please let me know would gladly like to help out.
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    christopher_owenschristopher_owens Member Posts: 235 ✭✭
    @matthew_elgert  Thanks! I have traded emails with Noa Flaherty ( @noa ? Yes that is him! ) about the same thing! I would like to combine that with what Adam Clark with Tangible Solutions, LLC is doing with 3D Printing - Breakfast Briefings around Dayton, Ohio. Plus I know Rob Martin an Illinois State University professor with an Open Source Classroom, LLC in Bloomington IL that might be interested too! With Caterpillar hiring Additive Manufacturing Engineers I feel there will be a lot of interest here in Central Illinois! 
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    matthew_elgertmatthew_elgert Member Posts: 3
    That is awesome @christopher_owens  please let me know when you plan a date. Right now we have 82 RSVP maybe you should come down to Phoenix and visit Local Motors at one of the events? Or host a event in Phoenix?
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