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Title Block - Fields Not Updating

mark_proulxmark_proulx Member Posts: 32
I'm creating some simple drawings of parts that reside in a Part Studio.  In the part studio, I give each part a number, material designation, and other part-specific properties.  When I make a drawing of the part, I populate the fields of the title block with information extracted from said properties.

I have a drawing whose title block won't populate.  The only difference between this drawing and the others that I've done is that when creating it, I declined the offer of default views and chose to specify my own.

When I attempt to populate the part number and material fields in this drawing, the application generates the default "---".  I'm looking for some insight into why this is happening.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem. In the first, I specify the part number

After I create the drawing, I attempt to populate the title block with the part number:

When I select "Part number," the default text appears:


  • mark_proulxmark_proulx Member Posts: 32
    I waved the white flag, trashed the drawing, and regenerated it.  Everything is working fine now.
  • owen_sparksowen_sparks Member, Developers Posts: 2,660 PRO
    edited January 2019
    Just a guess but in the faulty method you may have inserted the whole part studio not the part itself. They would look identical visually, but it's the part, not the studio that has the metadata.  Maybe. I'm regurgitating an old answer I once read...
    Business Systems and Configuration Controller
    HWM-Water Ltd
  • mark_proulxmark_proulx Member Posts: 32
    Thanks. When I created the first drawing, I was presented with a pick list of part studios/parts to select from, which was odd since I invoked the drawing creation mechanism by right-clicking the part name in the studio.  I had never encountered this behavior before.  When I re-created the drawing, no unusual things happened and I was able to proceed without incident.  I chalk it up to pilot error.

  • PeteYodisPeteYodis Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 364
    @mark_proulx We currently make it too easy for you to create views of a part studio when you really desire a part view only.  We have an improvement to make on the insertion dialog to downplay part studios and elevate part selection. We also have an improvement to make in order to be able to change a drawing reference.
  • mark_proulxmark_proulx Member Posts: 32

    It turns out that if you modify part properties after creating the drawing, the properties are not available for use in populating the title block.  I created a drawing this morning only to discover that I had not specified a part number in the Part Studio.  I added the part number to the part properties, but the information was still not available in the drawing.  I trashed the drawing and recreated it; the part number information was now available.
  • timandrewstimandrews Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 16
    @mark_proulx when you update the properties of your part is the yellow refresh button in the toolbar of your drawing active? I just gave it a try and my part number information and title block is updated correctly in the drawing as soon as I click the update button.
  • mark_proulxmark_proulx Member Posts: 32
    I just remembered that I hadn't done that.  I just tried it and it works as one would expect - the fields update to the current values.  Sorry for the goof.

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