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Why does the spoke mirror image in Wheel Rim exercise not cross the axis construction line?

gerald_comeaugerald_comeau Member Posts: 29
I've been playing around with this for awhile and keep getting the same incorrect result each time. The image from mirror feature of the spoke should not place the spike all on one side of the hub as far as I see from the preceding steps.

I went on to the next step, which is filleting, to investigate. The fillet does not generate on the back of the spoke, as the line at the hub does not select, which is an indication that the position is incorrect. To complicate things further the direction of the draft changes from out to in when I use the mirror feature. 
I have done this same exercise back in June, and opened that document to check and saw that I was getting the same incorrect outcomes. Is it possible the data is migrating from the old document to the new?  I did keep the old document although I was tempted to delete it. 

-new document: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/df9b73227035487a9f15d367/w/ae123f2b087ee2fc43f7c79c/e/ef34479d2125b17561891aa5 

-old document: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/e7107e505788e8a06f26db03/w/d01fe6224ab6d52b96e44fc9/e/b0aae9ec86ae284736de3251 

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