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Using Webhooks for Part Translation

morteza_karimimorteza_karimi Member Posts: 13
edited March 2019 in FeatureScript
I see once you submit a translation job through the API, there are two options;
1-If the requestState is ACTIVE, the translation can be polled until the state becomes either DONE or FAILED.
2-Alternatively, a webhook callback can be registered for notification of translation completion.
Now, I've successfully attempted the first method, but the second one would be preferred for obvious reasons.
I can't find much information about webhook callbacks though. For example I don't see in the translation request and entry for webhook ID, nor I know what events are there for creating a webhook.

Request Body (for Create Part Studio translation)

configuration String A configuration string indicating the particular configuration that should be translated N/A
formatName String Name of format into which this element should be translated. ONSHAPE indicates that the model file should be translated into a Part Studio or Assembly. N/A
includeExportIds Boolean Whether to include topology id strings in parasolid output format. N/A
linkDocumentWorkspaceId String If storeInDocument is true and linkDocumentId is specified, this specifies a workspace to be used for result storage within the linkDocument. N/A
partIds String A comma-separated list of part ids that should be translated. If not specified, all parts are translated. N/A
storeInDocument Boolean controls whether the translation is stored as a new element or whether the data is stored as external data (storeInDocument=false).

Request Body (for Create Webhook)

data (Optional) String Data to encapsulate in webhook null
events String[] Array of event names for which to register webhook N/A
filter String Context for webhook, in one of two forms: "{$DocumentId} = '[did]' && {$WorkspaceId} = '[wid]' && {$ElementId} = '[eid]'" or "{$UserId} = '[uid]' && {$ClientId} = 'cid'" [did] is a document ID, etc., but the components in brackets and the quotes must remain exactly as written, in the same order N/A
options Object Options object, with one optional field: collapseEvents, which is set to true/false and says whether similar events should be collapsed into one notification N/A
url String URL to which to send notifications N/A


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