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Help with Loft Command

alan_fendrichalan_fendrich Member Posts: 5
I'm pretty new to 3d modeling.  

I am getting close to figuring out the "Loft" tool.   So far I was able to connect a cyclinder to an elliptical extrusion by using Loft --> Add new Surface. 
I add the outter edge and inner edge using the surface loft command, however I suspect I need this to be a "solid" for my 3dprinting purposes.
Link to my object:  https://cad.onshape.com/documents/865eef5adbe44778ab6031d1/w/05e5cd330a8ff9a660dbed03/e/bed07d0ab45ec8e65262e1b9

Any help is much appreciated :)

Best Answers


  • bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 385 PRO
    Your surface method should have been ok with the last step an 'Enclose'; however that is failing for me... do not know why.

    What @romeo_graham392 said should work.

    Another approach is here using Boolean subtract.

  • alan_fendrichalan_fendrich Member Posts: 5
    Thanks romeo_graham392.   
    Could you try to elaborate on your process?   I see the example you gave, however I'm trying to work through the steps to get there :)

  • alan_fendrichalan_fendrich Member Posts: 5
    I've followed your walk through all up until the "Shell" command step.
    I've tried hiding all sketches/planes. 
    Not sure why mine is not working like yours.  I'll keep at it.

    Yes this is small for a mouthpiece, it's just a stab at a prototype and will keep iterating the design (really just trying to learn 3d modeling with bonus of helping my wife out with research apparatus she is asking me to print for her)

  • alan_fendrichalan_fendrich Member Posts: 5
    SUCCESS!  Thank you so much!!!  :D
    My shell thickness was too thick, I reduced it below 2mm and it worked!
    Appreciate your time helping me out.

    Here is the prototype (printed in TPU flexible filament):

  • romeograhamromeograham Member Posts: 271 PRO
    That looks great!
    I see the type of mouthpiece now...I was thinking of a musical one, which is why I thought it might be small.

    Makes perfect sense.

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