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Help making a Circular Arena

pedro_silva905pedro_silva905 Member Posts: 2 EDU
Hello guys. I'm fairly new to ONSHAPE, but so far I love it!

I'm struggling to make a design that I need. So the whole Idea is to make a solid rectangular structure 10x10cm out of acrilic, 9.5mm tall, and then cut from it a circular track, 1cm wide and 8mm deep, so that at the end we still have 1.5mm of base in track. This is to be used in research, with bugs, so that we can put them there, project stimuli in that track and record their action with high speed cameras while acquiring data from tracking different parameters.
My problem is that, I can make the rectangle and extrude it, but then, if I want to make the two circles that will comprise the walls of the arena (one will be the outer diameter of the arena - outer wall, the other will be the inner diameter - inner wall) I can't extrude just the area in between the two circles. How can I make it??
I don't know if I make myself clear with what I want to do, so to make it easier to visualize, I'll leave bellow an image of what I want the final result to be.(This arena was built out of 3 laser cutted acrilic pieces that were glued all together. But the idea is to be able to machine something like that from a single piece of acrilic, but to do that I need to be able to design it and I can't seem to be able to make that "ring")

Thanks in advance to all the help I may get.
Best regards,


  • Cris_BowersCris_Bowers Member Posts: 281 PRO
    After you have extruded your rectangle. Create a new sketch containing the two circles on the top face of the extrusion. Then do an extrude, but choose the remove option, select the region between the two circles, set the end type to blind and the depth to 8mm. The rectangular extrusion should be shown in the Merge scope box. If it isn't, make sure to focus the Merge scope box by clicking inside it, then click on the extrusion in the graphics area, or select it from the parts list. Then hit the check mark.

  • pedro_silva905pedro_silva905 Member Posts: 2 EDU
    Thanks so much for the help Cris!! I got it now!!
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